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Vehicle Branding in Dubai

Vehicle branding in Dubai is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your brand. We are vehicle wrapping specialists with more than 18 years of experience. We also provide CID and RTA approval services for vehicle branding in Dubai, We Ensure that your idea is correctly branded on your vehicle.
Vehicle Branding in Dubai at Golden Point adds

Reasons to to choose us for your vehicle branding in Dubai
  • 2 year Guarantee for vehicle branding
  • Design assistance provided
  • Best price for vehicle branding in Dubai
  • RTA & CID approval Services

Vehicle Branding in Dubai for the Best Price

Vehicle branding is the process of applying vinyl graphics on the body of your vehicle, Two decades of experience in vehicle branding in Dubai allows us to easily understand the client's perspective and help to develop the ideal solution. Golden Point Advertising has a reputation as one of the best vehicle branding companies in Dubai, a reputation we earned through sheer hard work and creative thinking, which resulted in eye-catching vehicle wrapping in Dubai.

Benefits of Vehicle Branding in Dubai

Commercial vehicle wraps are one of our most popular types of signage. vehicle branding is Increasing your company's visibility with each trip, Given today's traffic, every second your branded vehicle spends on the road is an opportunity for quality advertising in Dubai, Vinyl graphics are an excellent way to raise awareness and identify your company's vehicles. Vinyl graphics are more adaptable to the shape of your vehicle than partial wraps, but they are also easier to update in the future by moving or changing them.

3 Key advantages of vehicle branding in Dubai
  • Vinyl graphics are an excellent way to raise awareness and identify your company's vehicles.
  • Vehicle branding stickers are also easier to update
  • Vehicle wrappings are more adaptable to the shape of your vehicle

Cost of vehicle branding

Other than the RTA Approval charges in Dubai, vehicle branding does not cost you a big fortune, however, the cost entirely depends on the type of vehicle big or small, whether it is a full wrapping or partial vehicle wrapping, colour and design, and the material you chose to brand the vehicle, we have rates starting as low as 500 AED, If you think the cost of vehicle branding in dubaiis expensive, compare it to the cost of outdoor signage and the number of impressions each receives on a daily basis.

Vehicle wraps will last at least 3-5 years, the reach and possibilities of a wrapped vehicle is infinite, a branded vehicle is basically a rolling billboard carrying your message all over dubai and we provide a 2-year guarantee for the vehicles we brand, which is the best in the industry,

Eye-catching wrapping for your vehicle in Dubai

Vehicle branding is a great way to market and brand commercial vehicles, especially in cities like Dubai. The biggest advantage of vehicle branding is that it can quickly and easily change the appearance of a vehicle, also the process is completely reversible, have your brand stand out from the competition and take advantage of all the exposure automobile wrapping.

Highest Quality Vehicle Branding in Dubai

We wrap any and all vehicle types that your business may use, and We work closely with our customers to make sure they are happy with the vehicle branding. This will allow them to reach more potential customers in dubai, We wrap any type of vehicle your business uses, such as delivery vehicle wraps or trailer vehicle branding, van branding, truck branding, bus branding, and van branding. We typically offer a two-year guarantee on vehicle wrapping in dubai and we take care of the RTA approval formalities .

Vehicle Wrapping Can Protect Your Paint

Vehicle branding protects your paintwork from the sun's UV rays and scratches. Vinyl wraps are easier to remove than painting and can be printed with greater clarity. You may notice that a large number of businesses or organisations go for the option of Vehicle Graphics as they involve less cost and also help their business to set apart as well as to gain more attention towards the business. You may also notice many of these vehicles on dubai roads .

Tips for Effective Vehicle Branding

Here are some tips for effective vehicle branding in dubai: Select the right font. Try to avoid using a traditional font like Calibri. Instead, use a creative font like Lobster. If you have a small budget and want to give your vehicle a unique look, golden point advertising offers partial vinyl wraps that only cover a portion of the vehicle. A clean, minimalist design is also a good idea, as it will create a lasting awareness on the road, vehicle branding can be utilized to increase brand awareness and generate leads at the same time.

Always opt for a simple design to communicate your message with your audience, Choose crisp and clear images. A good image will attract potential customers and make a great impression. use professional photos. The image should be a reflection of the quality of your work. Graphics can be displayed on moving vehicles and are one of the most effective forms of advertising in Dubai. They can grab attention quickly and can be displayed over again for maximum effect.

Statistics of Vehicle Branding in Dubai

A recent survey revealed that over 95% of dubai population have seen a vehicle wrapped with an advertisement. This high reach allows for massive exposure for brands and businesses. Unlike other marketing methods, vehicle wraps reach every demographic and can be an effective way to promote a business. The graphics on your vehicle are highly visible, so it's hard not to notice them your brand name can be visible from a distance. If you want to maximize your ROI, you should consider the benefits of vehicle branding in Dubai.

In addition to reaching a wide range of customers, they can also increase brand recognition and recall. Listed below are some of the most important statistics about vehicle branding in dubai Whether it's a small company or a large business, vehicle wrapping is an effective marketing tool, Repeated display will generate more impact and influence customer buying decisions.

A wrap graphic can be used to reach nearly twenty percent of dubai population who drive. It costs about 3 dirhams per thousand impressions, which makes it a low-cost marketing option. Plus, every traffic jam in dubai provides a marketing opportunity.

A vehicle wrap can increase name recognition by 15 times and boost brand recognition by 30 percent. There's no better form of marketing than a full-color vehicle wrap. Studies show that thirty percent of mobile outdoor viewers base their purchase decisions on an advertisement they've seen on a vehicle

While television commercials and home mailers can also help build brand awareness, they do not have the power to increase recall. Almost every person who sees your ad will remember your brand. Because vinyl wraps are portable, it expands the reach of your marketing campaign.

Additionally, fleet vehicle advertising has the ability to reach consumers who have never been exposed to other forms of media. For example, a car wrapped with an advertisement will reach an audience of over one million people per day. Its high-impact impact is not only visible but also memorable. If your wrap is on a vehicle, people will remember it for years to come.

A car wrap will receive 1.26 million impressions a year on average. This is a great investment for a business and can help them reach their goals. These numbers are impressive, and if you are considering vehicle branding in dubai for your business, you should know that you will get an incredible return on your investment, and golden point advertising offers the best price in the market

Professional vehicle branding in dubai

When it comes to branding vehicles, a well-designed and professionally applied graphic can help you stand out. The vehicle wrap is removable, while the graphic is not. As a result, you can change the branding content on your vehicles at will. You can even make a change to the graphics if you feel like it. Another reason to use graphics on your vehicles is to boost your brand image. People tend to connect with a known brand. Therefore, more people see your logo or mark, the more likely they will buy your product.

Vehicle branding in dubai is a smart way to make the most of your investment in a vehicle. Because a vehicle's value depreciates over time, but its graphics and vinyl wraps can be used to promote a business. This is an excellent way to enhance your brand exposure, Look no further if you need vehicle branding in Dubai, car branding, vehicle wrapping, or vehicle stickering; we give high-quality finishing at the best price in Dubai with the shortest lead time.