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UAE is becoming the perfect spot for global events

Auther: gpa_Admin

The event calendar of UAE is always packed these days; UAE has become the center of trade shows and corporate events; after the slow down due to the covid 19 pandemic situations, the events are now well and truly back.

The expo 2020, currently the most important event anywhere in the world, has already attracted almost 6 million people. This includes 70% of those who visited from outside of the country. Your company will need digital printing specialists to deliver your event requirements as soon as possible. Someone you can trust who will handle all your advertising needs, such as flag printing, rollup banners, and pop-up banners.

Golden point advertising can deliver all your requirements on time. We typically offer same-day delivery in Dubai and complimentary design assistance for all your projects.

Not only corporate events and trade shows, UAE has become an excellent choice for sporting events, recently the international t20 world cup was hosted successfully in the UAE, and this year’s Indian premier league cricket championship, the biggest t20 league in the world, was also conducted in UAE. Also, the country has hosted the recent formula one title decider Grand Prix, which became historic already, and the MMA events, horse race championships, rugby championships, the schedule is getting more significant.

The infrastructure the country has developed helped is now profiting. The trade centers, exhibition centers, global villages are all attracting more and more events to the country.