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Why To Choose Golden Adds Display and Exhibition Stands?

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Display stands and Exhibitions stands in Dubai

Hello All – Today we going to tell you about our Display stands and Exhibitions stands in Dubai

We are the best agency in Dubai to design and produce display stands and exhibitions stand in-house over past 15 years in the market. We do plenty of designer stands while is a clear cut of professionalism.

Our designing team develops the design which is very familiar and easily attracted by the customer to do it on their stands

Currently, we do all types of exhibitions stands in Dubai like POP UP STANDS, WOODEN STANDS, and ACRYLICS STANDS Custom Stands also. We mostly make all the stands in good time. Before the client’s deadline comes we finish all our products. Most of the people use this stands for exhibitions, conference, event and more parties.  Why exhibitions stand need to promote your business.

The best design gave an eye contact with your clients to attract your brand. Because branding is very important in the advertising arena. Our team uses a special technique to get the best results out in printing and installing. We install all over UAE and GCC

POP up Stands

A Special Designed Pop Up Stand which comes with a display light. To improve the clarity of the design and your brand. When u have a conference or any kind of event you can order Pop up Display stands from Golden ads.  Our Stands come with the integration of tv and tabs over the pop up stand for more customers to get notice of your event. And it’s very easy for our stands to transport because they are very portable. Easy to carry and lightweight

Wooden stands

Our Wooden Display Stands are Hand Made in Our Factory. Our stands came with a custom made size

This is developed regarding the customer’s requirement. Most of our products came out very well after. we do all types of stands in Dubai.

Kindly Contact us to get your products or design get ready


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