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Why Promotional Gifts is important?

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Do you own a small business or a Huge Corporate office? Need to convert your audience into customers. Then you need a proper branding for your Logo to appeared overall kind of promotional items! The basic Promotional gift which many corporate giveaways are mostly USB or Notepads. But nowadays people want more corporate gifts like USB business cards, coffee mugs, tumblers, and many other products.
what types of gifts are Been Spread in the promotional gifts Platform?

Promotional Gifts, Corporate gifts uae


Paper Products
Stationary items
Even Keychain
And why we are the market in UAE for Long Periods of time. Because we Golden adds. Maintain a good relationship with the Clients to give the best quality and compromising price
Why Our Products?
we Golden adds deals with all kind of Corporate and promotional gift items suppliers in UAE. We do these kinds of printing over sublimation and screen printing. But why most of the corporates use promotional gifts for their brand? which cant they use any other branding ways to improve their logo appearance. Because promotional gifts are cheaper to Buy and Best quality products we can assure.
Here is Our Best Products Portfolio?

1.Promotional USB
The USB mostly comes in a size of 500Mb to 8GB and it has large color varieties and Different shapes. like Normal USB or USB Business cards
All Products are certified.

2.Power Banks
Today many people want a Power station to be with them all the time. due to the usage of smartphone and other electronic Gadgets. It Comes with a Custom Capacity of 2200-3350 mAH. The Color Variety is Max 10 Major colors and Printing can be done with laser or screen printing. Certified Products

3.Corporate Gift Sets
Our Gift sets come with an option of Notepad, watch and pen or it can be promotional Wallet, Pen & Keychain. we do have 100 of Variety in this products range.
it’s all customized

4.Custom Promo Pens suppliers
One of the best way to promote your brand logo. Super Seller products of all time! The pens come with a variety of size and Colors. the printing technique we used on this Products are Screen And Heat Transfer

5.Promotional Caps
Are you Sponsoring a Race event or any other social activities? Need to Promote Your Brand… Our Promo caps help you to Reach Your Target Audience. our caps come in different types of materials and colors and size. The best printing methods we use over it is Screen and heat transfer.

6.Water Bottle
Having a Product Related to Fitness? Need your Logo to Attract Fitness Audience. The bottle is customized to Fit your Logo or any other branding. Most of our Products can be Printed with Screen and Heat transfer. All our Bottles are certified.

7.Car SunShades printing
The Best way to Keep a Branding on the Car. Mostly Many clients use these sunshades to Attract a large number of customer. Parking their car over busy business areas and some important business parking. Our Sunshades are best enough in size to Cover the Logo and other Branding Words.we use Screen printing process for this Sunshades

8.Custom Promotional Bags
Promote your brand logo with our custom Promotional Bags. like cotton, Canvas, Jute and juco Bags. All the bags can be customized with design and sizes. The printing methods used here are Screen, Heat Transfer and Print & Cut.

And there are more Products in our Showroom. Need Branding? Please Get to Our website www.goldenadds.com or contact our sales for more Questions.