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screen printing Dubai

Screen printing is an old technique which is widely in Printing industry and other promotional gift industries. The Ink is placed on top of the Screen and transfers directly to the Product which is under the screen. The image is photographically transferred into a very fine thin fabric. Which only contains the specific places where the ink can be transferred to the products. the products can be anything like Tshirts, Promotional Products, Eco-Friendly Bags and Other all items which can be printed using these techniques. Even bottle and caps can also be printed using screen printing techniques.
How long will it take the ink to dry over the surface?
It will take around some minutes According to the products. Like paper, it will dry fast, but for Bottle and other products it will take around a minute or less. and sent into a large dryer to dry faster
Best screen printing company in UAE
We at Golden Point ads. We follow the same traditional and modern way to print products using screen printing methods. we do have large format screen printing machines and small size panels to best fit all customer needs. we do have both manual and automatic machines which can comprise our quality over Time Consumption.
We do Most Types of screen Printing in Dubai
Water Based Inks
Water Based Screen Printing Methods can Give a Soft Feel To the Products
PlastisolBest Screen Printing Company

Screen Printing Dubai

The most common type of ink used for screen printing. which is a Suspension of PVC Particles. Which Makes Flexibility to the Products
these methods we use it for our Clients work like Garments, Bags, Some good quality products for the client needs. Best Screen Printing Companies in Dubai. we are in this screen printing business from 2002 in Dubai.
We also do Silk Screen Printing in UAE.
Our expert team can do most of the screen printing works with a passion and finish it with great quality.
Our Own Screen Printing Factory Ajman is used widely for this print screen business in UAE. And we do low cost or cheap printing works even for the minimum amount of orders. Golden Adds Respect the Value of clients.
Get Your Printing Works Done Today From GoldenAdds Screen Printing Solutions UAE. Best Reviewed Advertising Agency in Dubai.
The Best Cost Effective Way of Printing is Screen Printing, But which Consum Times – if its a manual Machine.we do the best way to give you the low-cost Screen Printing Works in Dubai.
And also we work with Fabric Printing, Custom Corporate Gifts with screen printing over it.
Heat Transfer
we deal with heat transfer for small clients Because some cant is done with the screen if the artwork is in Multicolor like gradient or other light colors. Golden point Advertising is Having an Eagle Quality Control Team to improve the Customer satisfaction which builds the trust with the customer in Dubai Market. Our Heat Transfer Production machines can handle both small size and other big sizes to fit the customer Needs in the market. Our heat transfer machines can work with. Promotional Products like Mug, Cup, Cap, Fabrics, T-shirts and Other Products as Follow.
And golden point Ads do the Best Price heat transfer And Screen Printing In Dubai -UAE.