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Is advertising on vehicles legal in Dubai?

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If you are looking to brand your vehicle in Dubai, you need to know the rules for vehicle branding. . A logo permit allows you to brand your vehicle with your company name in Arabic or English.

You can apply the design to your car’s front, back, and doors. You can also add contact information such as e-mail or telephone numbers. The design must also comply with 30% approval. In some cases, it is not permitted to alter the exterior colour of a vehicle. In these cases, you should seek the consent of the police before you start the project.

While a full-body wrap may be considered an advertisement, some restrictions are. For example, you cannot put an English or Arabic version of your trade name on your rear or side windows. If you wish to include an Arabic or English translation of your trade name on your vehicle, you will have to obtain a partial-body wrap permit from the RTA. You should also contact the Dubai Police for its approval before starting the project.

You can display ads on the sides of rent-a-car vehicles. However, if you want to advertise your products or services, you will need a trade-name permit from the RTA. This permit can be obtained at the RTA. The fee for a trade name and logo permit is the same.

There are several different ways to advertise your business in the city of Dubai. In the case of a partial vehicle wrap, you may only promote your trade name and logo on one side of the vehicle. To market your trade name, you will need to display your trade name and logo in Arabic and English. You must also obtain an RTA logo or trade-name permit. The fees are similar for both tickets, but the actual amount may vary.

In the case of a trade-name permit, the trade-name and logo permit is different. A trade-name license is required to brand your vehicle in Dubai. A logo or trade-name permit requires you to have a valid trade license. A certificate will give you the right to advertise on a car. You should obtain the RTA’s approval before putting your advertisement on a rental car.

The RTA will require a design approval certificate before your vehicle can be decorated in Dubai. A partial vehicle wrap is allowed in the city, but the brand must be on both sides. You can advertise a trade-name license by obtaining Dubai police consent. To display your trade name on a rental-car vehicle, you must obtain a trade-name permit first. Then, you can place the logo on a second vehicle.

There are several types of vehicle branding. If you want to brand your vehicle, you need a trade-name permit. If you’re going to impress your rental car, you need to get permission from the RTA. You must also have a license for your advertising, and you must have Dubai police approval for your design. There are several other requirements to follow. If you’re selling a car, you can advertise it in English or Arabic.

It is legal for car hire agencies to display their advertisements on rental cars. A trade-name permit must be submitted for this. Depending on your type of vehicle, partial or complete vehicle wrap permits can be obtained for advertising. It is also legal to brand the sides of a car in the UAE. Only 50% of the content of the advertisement must be in Arabic. Once you have applied for the license, you must apply for design approval from the RTA.