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How to Create a Vehicle Branding that Stands out

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Every brand will have something unique that sets them apart from the competition, whether it’s a logo, a color scheme, or a special font. For example, the color of Noon, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the Middle East, is yellow, and all of their branding is done in this color; Talabat food delivery platform is recognized by their bright orange color. In the same way, all brands will have something unique that you can carry over to your vehicle graphics.


While designing your graphics for vehicle branding in dubai, make sure that they adhere to all of the authorities’ guidelines. For example, in Dubai, 50 percent of your texts must be in Arabic native language in order for you to receive approval.

Always use fonts that can be read from a distance, and avoid complex texts that are difficult to read. On the other hand, if your brand uses a specific font theme, stick with it, but make sure the fonts are printed in standard sizes and are visible to the audience.

Make things simple not complex

Make sure your designs are simple and not complex; sometimes your company offers 50 services, and if you print all of that information on your vehicle, it will not register in the minds of the audience because the vehicle is on the move most of the time unless it is parked or in traffic, so unlike signage or a banner, the vehicle does not have enough time to make an impression; within the limited seconds it receives, it must help the audience notice your services.

Target the niche

Always design the van to fit the niche you’re targeting; for example, if you’re advertising for a kindergarten, make something that looks fun and playful with bright colors; on the other hand, if you’re branding a vehicle that provides professional services, make sure the design makes sense and goes straight to the point of service you provide; in any case, when you’re branding your vehicle, make sure it’s appealing and memorable.


In some cases, we have seen companies brand their delivery vans in one design, their trailers for transportation in another, and the buses that transport their employees in a different design; this will not help increase your brand visibility at all; always go with a unique theme, make sure that these vehicles are advertising for your company, and they will help increase the brand equity.

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