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4 Common questions about vehicle wrapping?

Auther: gpa_Admin

How much does vehicle wrapping cost ?

The cost of a vehicle wrap can vary significantly depending on the type and size of the vehicle that’s being wrapped, The exact amount depends on the size of the vehicle, the new color, and the complexity of the body. Most wraps include the initial design, which can be quite expensive for a beginner, the price of a typical car wrap will be¬†significantly less than a paint job for the same car, golden point advertising provide free design and free RTA approval from our side that will help our customer to reduce their budget allocation for vehicle wrapping

Can i change the design if i change my mind an year later ?

yes and this is the cool thing about vehicle wrapping you can easily remove the design and install another design of your choice once you are tired of the current design or if come up with an even better design, the process is simple and golden point advertising can help you remove the stickers effectively 

Will you guys provide any mock ups of design ?

yes absolutely we provide digital mock-ups to our clients before approving the job or starting the branding process, we will make sure that you are satisfied with designs, and we don’t charge for designing your vehicle; it is free from our side

Do you guys provide any warranty ?

Yes, we typically provide 2 year warranty for our branded vehicles but our wrapping will many more years that.